Compared with the United States and other Western countries, China's Financial Leasing industry has just started. The core issue of financial risk is to discuss the prevention of systemic financial risks. We alas focus on risk control. We use our experience to provide customers with low-risk and High-benefits investment products.


Through our effort, Expectation for the customer, for the team, for the world to create a win-win situation. Customer-oriented is our top policy. Since the establishment,we solve the funds and equipment problems for our customers. We bring the capital appreciation and promote the dual benefits of sales for the shareholders. We help the growth of small and medium enterprises through financial leasing. As the company continues to expand, we actively explore more areas of services.


Financial leasing companies are increasingly diversified, including equipment leasing, sale-and-leaseback and so on. In recent years, Cars and other physical equipment of more than ten thousand yuan of small business has gradually become a scale, as a new lease of financial objects. If you want to have a place in market, you must have your own business strategy and core competencies. In medical, education, communications, environmental protection and other business, we set up professional consultants to develop business sector market and find new profit growth point. The most important thing is to cultivate excellent employees. To cultivate excellent employees is rely on professional first and innovative corporate culture.

We provide the most real-time and thoughtful services. Whether is it the financial needs of operational planning or the general needs of investors In the financial services, Braun International can get it all done. We have set up business service centre In China to provide exclusive services. We expect to create a win-win situation for our customers.