A remarkable pattern have emerged since The 208 global financial crisis: Governments, Central banks, and international financial Institutions have consistently revise their growth forecasts. When the conomy is in a sluggish state,lt is generally harmful for a business. However, Braun International will not be affected. The company Is established in 2016 in order to provide various Financial products and services. With professional Management and leadership of an outstanding team, the company will only continue to grow.

We hope to provide customers with diversified business strategy to solve all their financial needs. The company is committed to risk management, Long-term investment experience helps us to build a set of risk management model. Keeping our eyes on the development of new financial products and the development of new markets. We plan to carry out equipment, inventory, science and technology electronic machinery, micro-enterprise, real estate, energy-saving project financing, car rental, Aircraft WIFI leasing, insurance brokers and cloud services. We provide a variety of products to enhance customer loyalty.

Globalization refers to the free movement of goods, capital, services, people, technologies and information. It is the action or procedure of international integration of countries Arising from the convergence of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture. Advances in the means of transport and in telecommunications infrastructure have been major factors, generating further interdependence of economic and cultural activities.

The company's development strategy is: "To develop our own products To create win-win situations for our customers"


The business strategy of the company is to develop diversification of different investments. The company also seek to provide a top一notch investment environment for small to medium-sized companies. Understanding the past and looking forward to the future, constantly moving to assist in the development of clients.


Being open and transparent is our company's core operations strategy. Our financial products must meet the following criteria:"Safe, Legal, Circulation and Profit". Thus earning a reasonable profit for valued clients and to maintain company's operations.


The Board of Directors are the governing body for the company. All major decisions have to be vetted by the Board, including major acquisitions, major financing including IPO,Matters of major strategic importance. Therefore, the Board will need to be engaged, involved, and supportive.

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Good employees makes the company perfect. We ensure our employees are honest. We provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees. Recruiting them with different backgrounds, work experiences, and provide reasonable pay-outs, fair treatment, and career advancements.

We provide the most real-time and thoughtful Services. Whether is it the financial needs of operational planning or the general needs of investors In the financial services, Braun International can get it all done. We have set up business service centre In China to provide exclusive services. We expect to create a win-win situation for our customers.