September 2016 in Tianjin, we set up Braun International Finance Leasing (China) Co. Ltd. Based on the customer-oriented approach, we are constantly innovating and importing new management systems. We are also appreciated by financial institutions around the world. Investment projects are also recognized by the world's major countries, such as: the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia, Switzerland and other countries. We have a very good relationship with global financial institutions. Rigorous attitude for the company to win more opportunities for cooperation.

With the changes in the industrial environment and the transfer of world financial investment behavior, we continue to expand our company under the leadership of our CEO. We import well-known foreign investment goods to the Chinese mainland.

The implementation of the core concept of financial leasing to ensure that the company's services are fully in line with customer requirements. After several years of experience, the company's service efficiency and service level continued to improve, and the system has become more and more successful. In 2017, the financial markets in mainland China continued to expand. We also put our efforts in China showing the vision of Braun.

continued to expand. We also put our efforts in China showing the vision of Braun. Based on the customer-oriented approach to create a better financial leasing environment. We will become more and more close with the Chinese mainland market to provide customers the highest quality of service.


Our business development ideas include the following three:

1. To create value for the community;
2. To provide benefits for the shareholders;
3. To deliver happiness within the company.

We enhance the competitiveness of our company with stringent risk management.

Step by step to achieve the following two points

Systematic structure for the following:

1. A continuous growth between customers and company using on our market-oriented approach strategy.

2. We enforced capturing of big data business model which includes; data storage, data analysis, data search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy to provide strong technical support.


We simplify the system operation process to provide first-class customer experience which enhance time efficiency to create greater benefits.


Often, we stay within our comfort zone and settle for less that stifles our growth. We truly believe that there's always a better way to embrace change for a better cause where only change then there will be growth.

We provide the most real-time and thoughtful services. Whether is it the financial needs of operational planning or the general needs of investors In the financial services, Braun International can get it all done. We have set up business service centre In China to provide exclusive services. We expect to create a win-win situation for our customers.